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The IAC Climate Chamber (Dycometal model CCMM-20/8000) was originally installed in 1993 and completely renovated in 2017. Its main features are listed below.:


The main features of the camera are:

  • Model: DYCOMETAL 'WALK IN' CCM 20/8000
  • Useful volume: 8000 litres
  • Temperature range: from -20oC to + 75oC
  • Relative humidity range: from 15 to 98% (according to the Dycometal diagram)
  • Precision: 1oC (+/-0.5oC)
  • Refrigeration gradient (maximum recommended): 1oC/minute
  • Heating gradient (maximum recommended): 2oC/minute
  • Outer dimensions of the camera (mm): 2090 (height) x 2090 (width) x 2540(depth)
  • Inner dimensions of the camera (mm): 1890 (height) x 1890 (width) x 2200 (depth)
  • Air circulation: forced extraction by ventilators
  • Access door: double with light (1800 mm x 1500 mm)
  • Cable access apertures: threaded teflon apertures and stops (four diameters)
  • Power supply voltage: 220 III/380+T+N (triphase)
  • Maximum power: 10 kW
  • Water inlet: direct access with double antical filter
  • Excess pressure: Neoprene safety valve to avoid deformation
  • Control: Eurotherm -2604 System:
    • Number of programs held in memory: 10 (50, TBC)
    • Maximum number of segments per program: 18
    • Number of cycles: 1-99
    • Type of temperature sensor: PT-100
    • Regulation: PID
    • Communications: RS232 series
  • Humidifier system: Steam generator with two 1250 W resistances
  • Refrigeration system: gas-based R-452 A (without CFCs)
  • Maximum ambient temperature operation: 27oC
  • Continuous and controlled water supply (decalcified)
  • CE approved


The following is a brief description accompanied by photographs of the various components that make up the Climate Chamber.

Main Module

The Main Module is the Climate Chamber itself. Its useful inner dimensions are 1890 mm (height) x 1890 mm (width) x 2200 mm (depth), and equipment to be tested is placed inside the chamber. It is planned to install a general-purpose
stainless steel work table for the mounting of optical benches or similar equipment. The two halves of the double door are closed together. On the upper part of the right door (identified in the photograph by the handle which is turned first
when opening) is a safety switch which halts the operation of the chamber when the door is opened. It is therefore impossible to enter the chamber without interrupting any test in progress.

Control Panel

The control panel hangs on the left side of the Climate Chamber. Its main element is the Eurotherm-2604 commercial controller, with which we communicate via an RS232 series port connected to the control PC. The Climate Chamber is plugged directly into the triphase voltage box on the wall.

Refrigeration Unit

The refrigeration unit is located outside the Testing Room and is connected to the Climate Chamber via two holes drilled in the wall. It consists basically of a compressor and an R-452 A (without CFCs) refrigerant gas deposit. The
electrical cables also traverse the walls. The unit is started automatically under the general control of the chamber.


The chamber is controlled by a PC dedicated exclusively to the Climatic Chamber via an RS-232 series port. The control program is called 'iTOOLs' (from Eurotherm).


The chamber also permits the passing of electrical cables through the left wall to external recording,measuring, or control equipment. There are four drilled apertures of different diameters and heights. Any unused apertures
must remain sealed with their respective threaded teflon stops. Moreover, to ensure the air-tightness of the system, those apertures that are used for passing cables must be rendered as air-tight as possible through the use of,
for example, Armaflex-type sealant. For equipment support inside the chamber, a 90 cm x 75 cm stainless steel antivibration optical table is provided (see photograph)

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