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Infrastructures and resources

Electronics Workshop

Fabrication and mounting of electronic equipment and systems for the IAC's scientific projects.


Direct participation in external projects through collaboration with businesses and organisms, both public and private, in the development of equipment and specific applications that are unavailable commercially.

Prototipo 2

Two highly qualified master technicians and technician make up the staff of this workshop. There are four benches amply equipped with soldering irons, power sources, multimeters, and smoke extractors, together with the necessary tools and instrumentation for the construction, assembly, cabling, and placing of components, and the verification of electronic modules.


By way of auxiliary infrastructure for the carrying out of basic tasks of module mechanization, boxes, etc., there is a small mechanized workshop for drilling, cutting, smoothing, etc. Larger-scale jobs, such as control and back panels, are handled by the Mechanics Workshop.

Taller 3

For the preparation of circuit diagrams, printed circuits, and documentation the technicians have workstations from which they can access computer programs for the elaboration of circuit diagrams, printed ciruits, and the generation of Gerber files for the fabrication of PCBs. Given the complexity of the circuits, which normally imply multilayer fabrication, the actual fabrication of PCBs is subcontracted to firms specializing in these types of tasks.


Work is also undertaken with microcontrollers, automated programming, circuit inspection, repair, and mounting with SMD technology.


In this way this workshop works in Electronics Cabinets design and manufacturing.

Electronic Cabinet DesignElectronic Cabinet BackElectronic Cabinet Front

All of this is supported by a small stock of electronic components.

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