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Infrastructures and resources

Mechanics Workshop

Dimensional Metrology Laboratory

The Dimensional Metrology Laboratory checks that parts produced conform to design specifications.

Size, shape and surface quality are normally checked. The Laboratory has a three- coordinate measuring machine with 1 micron resolution, which is mounted on a bench isolated from the rest of the building to ensure that it is not affected by external vibrations.

The machine is calibrated and has NAMAS traceability (an accredited laboratory in the United Kingdom), which gives quality assurance for the functions it performs. Plans are in place to achieve ISO 9000 accreditation in the near future. 

The Laboratory also has a tool presetting machine, a rugosimeter, mechanical reference patrons, height calibrators, micrometers, centring devices, comparators, calibers etc, all maintained in an environment where the temperature and humidity are controlled and recorded. 

Presetting Machine
Presetting MachineCalibrates cutting tools for use in CNC and conventional machine tools. It has two axes of rotation, a vertical Z and a horizontal Y. The maximum admissible diameter is 400 mm and its diameter and longitude precision  is 0.01mm.

Three-Coordinate Measuring Machine
Three-Coordinate Measuring MachineThe MITUTOYO FJ-805 three-coordinate measuring machine is fitted with a Ruby electronic tip. It has useable capacity of 800 mm along the X axis, 550 mm along the Y and 450 mm along the Z axis. It has repeatability of 1 micron. Different geometries can be measured, valued and documented using the GEOPAK programme. The SCANPAK programme, developed by MITUTOYO, is used to measure two-dimensional and, subject to certain conditions, three-dimensional profiles.

Centring Bench
Centring BenchUsed for fast, precise testing of concentricity in cylindrical and conical parts. It is made of specially smelted steel which has been stabilised and is tension-free, with one fixed- point headstock and a second that can be moved along an axis using a lever.

Portable Measuring Machinel
Portable Measuring MachineThis machine, made by FARO, has a 2.4 metre diameter reach and 5.1 micron precision. It is compatible with the GEOPAK programme.

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