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This archive contains the papers by IAC researchers accepted for publication in refereed journals, and published as "IAC preprint".

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PP 018065

Evolved stars in the Local Group galaxies - II. AGB, RSG stars and dust production in IC10

F. Dell'Agli (1), M. Di Criscienzo (2), P. Ventura (2), M. Limongi (2), D. A. García--Hernández (1), E. Marini (2), C. Rossi (3)
(1) IAC-ULL; (2) OAR-INAF; (3) Univ. La Sapienza
Accepted for publication in MNRAS | Submitted on 2018-06-13 | Project P/308615
PP 018064

Kepler-503b: An Object at the Hydrogen Burning Mass Limit Orbiting a Subgiant Star

C. I. Cañas, C. F. Bender, S. Mahadevan, S. W. Fleming, T. G. Beatty, K. R. Covey, N. De Lee, F. R. Hearty, D. A. García-Hernández, S. R. Majewski, D. P. Schneider, K. G. Stassun, R. F. Wilson
Several institutions from USA and IAC/ULL
Accepted for publication in ApJL | Submitted on 2018-06-11 | Project P/308615
PP 018063

The Magnetic Response of the Solar Atmosphere to Umbral Flashes

Houston, S. J. (1), Jess, D. B. (1,2), Asensio Ramos, A. (3,4), Grant, S. D. T. (1), Beck, C. (5), Norton, A. A. (6), Krishna Prasad, S. (1)
(1) Queen's University Belfast, (2) Department of Physics and Astronomy, California State University Northridge, (3) Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias, (4) ULL, (5) NSO, (6) HELP, Stanford University
Accepted for publication in ApJ | Submitted on 2018-06-08 | Project P/300725
PP 018062

44 New & Known M Dwarf Multiples In The SDSS-III/APOGEE M Dwarf Ancillary Science Sample

J. Skinner, K. R. Covey, C. F. Bender, N. Rivera, N. De Lee, D. Suoto, D. Chojnowski, N. Troup, C. Badenes, D. Bizyaev, C. H. Blake, A. Burgasser, C. Canas, Joleen Carlberg, Y. G. Maqueo Chew, R. Deshpande, S. W. Fleming, J. G. Fernandez-Trincado, D. A. Garcia-Hernandez, F. Hearty, M. Kounkel, P. Longa-Pene, S. Mahadevan, S. R. Majewski, D. Minniti, D. Nidever, A. Oravetz, K. Pan, K. Stassun, R. Terrien, O. Zamora
Several institutions from North and South America and Europe (including IAC and ULL)
Accepted for publication in Astronomical Journal | Submitted on 2018-06-08 | Project P/308615
PP 018061

MOLPOP-CEP: An Exact, Fast Code for Multi-Level Systems

A. Asensio Ramos (1,2) & M. Elitzur (3,4)
(1) Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias, (2) Departamento de Astrofisica, Universidad de La Laguna, (3) Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Kentucky, (4) Astronomy Dept., University of California, Berkeley
Accepted for publication in A&A | Submitted on 2018-06-08 | Project P/300725