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  1. Application Form Spanish or English version (Annex I, duly completed and signed). Do not forget to include the position title and code number.
  2. Curriculum Vitae, including publication list
  3. Research activity report and statement of suitability for the position (maximum of 2 pages)
  4. Copy of the Ph.D. degree certificate
  5. Copy of the national identity document or passport

Late applications or those that do not include the mandatory Application Form (Annex I), will not be considered. In case of incomplete applications, the applicant will have a period of five (5) days, starting from the day after publication of the provisional list of accepted and excluded candidates, to provide the missing documentation.

Those applications that do not include the Application Form (Annex I, a mandatory document whose absence cannot be rectified), will be automatically rejected. In the case of incomplete applications, applicants will have a period of five (5) working days (starting from the day after publication of the provisional list of accepted and excluded candidates) to provide the missing documentation, except for those rejected applicants who failed to include Annex I.

Contact: For scientific enquiries please contact Dr. Ismael Pérez Fournon (

The document must not exceed 30Mb in size.

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The names and e-mails of at least two scientists (maximum three) who are familiar with the work of the candidate must be included and the Selection Committee will use this information if necessary.

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The IAC has a strong institutional commitment to diversity and is an equal opportunities employer.  Qualified women and minorities are therefore strongly encouraged to apply.


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