The Astronomy Picture of the month

M101 The main objective of the IAC Astrophotography Project is the creation of a database of astronomical images as an outreach product of the Canary Islands Observatories: Observatorio del Teide and Observatorio del Roque de los Muchachos. The selection of the objects is made having into account diverse criteria: i) spectacularity, ii) suitable size for the available instrumentation, iii) visibility and magnitude, iv) the fact that some of those objects are not the "typical targets". So, every month a different object will be included in this page. Each final image is the result of the combination of observations using several filters. This image will be accompanied by a card with information on the object and data about the observation and reduction of the images. These images can be used by any person, only for non-commercial purposes, provided that their origin and authors are mentioned.

The current members of the IAC Astrophotography group are Pablo Bonet, Luis Chinarro, Pedro Alejandro González, Daniel López, Alejandro Oscoz, Jorge Andrés Pérez, Pablo Rodríguez-Gil and Sara Rueda.

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