Coronavirus Alert

The Secretary of State for Territorial Policy and Civil Service, by Resolution of 17th June, determined the measures to be taken in the workcentres of the National General Administration, on the occasion of the "new normality". On June 24, the Undersecretariat for Science and Innovation implemented these measures for this Ministry and associated entities, such as the IAC, through a "Framework Resolution".

Based on this "Framework Resolution", the IAC has prepared the document "Continuity Plan and Preventive Measures under the New Normality", which entries into force, from tomorrow 10th July, replacing the previous "Contingency Plan".

This Continuity Plan has been subject of negotiation and/or consultation with workers' representatives, through the Employees Committee, and with the Health and Safety Committee (Prevention Delegates). It was formally approved by the IAC Steering Committee on Wednesday, July 8th. We thank the members of those committees their collaboration in the revision of this Plan.