Memorandum Of Understanding concerning collaborative research in astrophysics

In-force date
Signatory party/ies
Agreement's object

The purpose of this MOU is to have a formal understanding between the parties regarding future collaborative research in the field of astrophysics. This scientific collaboration will further extend the knowledge of the physical processes occurring astrophysics, especially in the fields of solar physics, asteroseismology, exoplanets and gravitational lensing.

IAC's commitments

-Academic visits of researchers among the partner institutes for research collaborations are encouraged.
-Visiting scientists will promote collaborative research projects with host researchers.
-Young scientists and students will be preferentially encouraged to participate in the exchange program.
-The host institute will seek, in accordance with its relevant data and intellectual property policy, to encourage visiting scientists, to use all the observational data available as well as to use the observational instruments and observing procedures.

Both parties will contribute through their expertise in the analysis, interpretation and theoretical modeling of the observational data sets.

Geographic scope