MacaroNight project: The European Researchers' Night

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Plaza de la Concepción, San Cristóbal de La Laguna (Tenerife).


MacaroNight is part of the “European Researchers Night” project financed by Marie Curie Sklodowska actions.

The Night takes place the last Friday of every September and it aims to disseminate European scientific culture and attract future generations to take up a scientific career.

The MacaroNight project is a milestone for the European Researchers Nights, being the first project to bring together the Macaronesian archipelago in one single night where we will share and show our common heritage, culture and past, thus paving the way for a future full of Macaronesian researchers.

In 2018, two countries, four islands and five organisers joined to launch an ambitious project that united our exceptional islands in a joint and simultaneous event.

For 2019, the University of Mindelo joins Macaronight’s activities thus completing all of the Macaronesian region.