DR. JOSÉ ACOSTA PULIDO (Cosmology and Astroparticles)

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Dr. Jose Acosta Pulido is a senior researcher at the Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias. He was born in Tazacorte, La Palma, Spain. He studied Physics at the University  of Valencia and University of La Laguna. He obtained his PhD in  SISSA - Trieste (Italy). Afterwards, he arrived at the IAC as a postdoctoral researcher, later he participated, as a member of the ISOPHOT Instrument Dedicated Team at ESAC-Villafranca del Castillo,  during the flight of the ISO satellite.  Later, he came back to the IAC as the Instrument Scientist of the LIRIS project  (a near-IR camera/spectrograph at the 4.2 m WHT). Since that time,part of his working time is dedicated to deal with astronomical instrumentation, mainly data reduction software. 

His research is about active galactic nuclei from an observational perspective. He is interested from the optical and near-infrared emission lines observed in the quiet Seyfert galaxies to the very variable and violent phenomena observed in blazars. 

Since 2011, he mantains a collaboration with Dr. Claudia Raiteri at Osservatorio di Torino (Italy), who is co-leading the Whole Earth Blazar Telescope collaboration. The group at IAC mostly contributes with optical and near-infrared observations  obtained with telescopes sited at Canarian observatories. This collaboration has lead to about 50 publications and 2 Ph.D. thesis. 

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