IAC NEWS, 1-2000

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Magazine IAC News, N.1 -2000. Summary: Content: The Minister Anna M. Birulés presided the meeting of the Consejo Rector of IAC. Investigation: The Milky Way formed in record time. New rhythms in the Sun. Lights in the shadows: last investigations of dynamic and magnetics phenomenons in sunspots. The lighthouses of the Milky Way: identification of some of the massive stars in our Galaxy near the Sun. The Leonids bomb the Moon. Investigation/observatories: The flat Universe: the ''VSA'' Will obtain even more clean images tan ''Boomerang'' of the primitive Universe. The VSA (Very Small Array). Instrumentation: Succesfully proven the prototype of DYNACORE. Observatories: Atmospheric Tomography with the ''Galileo'' telescope. Astronomical instrumentation for the XXIth Century. Law of the Sky: The Sky, the most abandoned natural space of men's protection. Congress: Euroconference "Disks, Planetesimals and Planets". Planets' formations. Thesis: Field's Spectroscopy with INTEGRAL of M31, M32 and NGC1068 in the WHT: stellar's populations and cinematics. Scientific journalism: Astronomy in press' headlines. Interviews with: Samuel Ting.