2.2 micron stellar counts at the Galactic Plane

Garzon, F.
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IN: European Regional Astronomy Meeting of the IAU, 10th, Prague, Czechoslovakia, Aug. 24-29, 1987, Proceedings. Volume 4 (A89-32590 13-90). Ondrejov, Czechoslovakia, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, 1987, p. 331-334.

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This paper presents 2.2 micron maps of selected areas of the Galactic Plane, taken with the 1.5 m Sanchez-Magro telescope on the island of Tenerife. A model of the galactic stellar distribution has been developed, and the derived stellar surface densities are compared with the observations. The results are in good agreement with the experimental data and suggest remarkable differences between the luminosity functions for the disk and the spheroid components. The extinction toward the galactic center shows an abrupt increase when compared with other galactic directions. It is also noted that a better fit is obtained when the 5 Kpc ring is included in the model, but the existence of a thick disk cannot be inferred from the data.