Fastcc: Fast Color Corrections for Broadband Radio Telescope Data

Peel, Mike W.; Genova-Santos, Ricardo; Dickinson, C.; Leahy, J. P.; López-Caraballo, Carlos; Fernández-Torreiro, M.; Rubiño-Martín, J. A.; Spencer, Locke D.
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Research Notes of the American Astronomical Society

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Broadband receiver data need color corrections applying to correct for the different source spectra across their wide bandwidths. The full integration over a receiver bandpass may be computationally expensive and redundant when repeated many times. Color corrections can be applied, however, using a simple quadratic fit based on the full integration instead. Here we describe fastcc and interpcc, quick Python and IDL codes that return, respectively, color correction coefficients for different power-law spectral indices and modified blackbodies for various Cosmic Microwave Background related experiments. The codes are publicly available, and can be easily extended to support additional telescopes.