Microelectronics Equipment IAC - EMIAC


The Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC) has a long history in the development of electronic systems for astrophysical and spatial instrumentation. The IAC has the necessary equipment for developing analogue, digital and microwave electronic systems. However, a need regarding microelectronics has been identified in the IAC. Due to the lack of specific equipment, the IAC does not have the possibility to develop, test and verify integrated circuits on wafer for digital, analogue and radio frequency.

The IAC is involved in a series of very specific research projects, which increasingly demand this type of capability. On many occasions, other companies have been subcontracted to develop it but at a very high price and with a little or no involvement from the IAC, as well as the other disadvantages this entails.

Having the capacity to design, test and verify integrated circuits would expand the participation of the IAC in future international and national projects, as well as allowing collaborations with other research centers that could also benefit from these capabilities.    

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