SUBSTELLAR - Substellar Science with Euclid Space Mission

In force date
Eduardo Lorenzo
Martín Guerrero de Escalante
Financial institution
Financing program
Total budget of the action
2.500.000 €
Amount granted to the IAC Consortium
2.495.625 €

SUBSTELLAR project is aimed at mining the Euclid Telescope surveys for pushing the frontier of knowledge in substellar science.

  • The first challenge of the project is to identify, based on Euclid data, an unprecedented large number (>1.000.000) of very low mass (VLM) stars and Substellar-mass Objects (SMOs), including hard to find objects such as halo brown dwarfs and young free-floating planetary-mass objects. Specific pipelines will be developed to extract the utmost information from Euclid for faint infrared objects.
  • The second challenge is to discover very low-mass binaries and giant planets around VLM stars and SMOs using custom-made image analysis, astrometric monitoring and spectral fitting techniques.
  • The third challenge is to combine the information gathered from harnessing the previous two challenges to determine the VLM stellar and substellar luminosity function, infer the most likely low-mass end of the Initial Mass Function (IMF), and explore its degree of universality in different components of the Milky Way.


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