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Master in astrophysics

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The Official Postgraduate Programme in Astrophysics  of the University of La Laguna is valid throughout Spain and, in agreement with the European Higher Education Space, consists of master's and doctoral studies.

On completion of the Master's Degree in Astrophysics, students may begin doctoral studies leading to the Title of Doctor.

Further information: "Másteres en la ULL"

About IAC collaboration in Master's Degree in Astrophysics

The annual intake of the Astrophysics Department (DA) of the University of La Laguna, in collaboration with the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC) is 50 Physics, Mathematics, or Engineering graduates who have obtained a minimum of 30 credits in Physics courses similar to those found in the present Plan of Studies for Undergraduate Physics. A grant is not a requirement for admission.

The Masters´s degree in Astrophysics lasts for 1.5 years, with 90 credits, divided into three periods of four months each when courses in Physics and Astrophysics are given.  During the third of these periods the student must undertake a researchproject “Introduction to Research”, worth 15 credits, under the supervision of a researcher from the AstrophysicsDepartment/IAC, or from a collaborating university, or from a company related to the field of Astrophysics.

The Master´s degree in Astrophysics offers three specialities: Theoretica-Computational, Observational-Instrumental, and Structure of Matter. To obtain the degree in one of these specialities the student must take a set of specific courses for each of the specialities.

Obtaining a Master's degree is a prerequisite for beginning a Doctoral Thesis. Those students undertaking the “Initiation into Research Project” of the Master's in Astrophysics may regard this as the first part of their doctorate or as being closely related to it.


The students of the Master´s degree in Astrophysics of the ULL can use the following installations:

Collaborating institutions and companies

Staff members from the following institutions and companies are collaborating to teach in the Master´s degree in Astrophysics, to supervise research projects, and/or to give practical experience: The Instituto de Astrophysica de Canarias,The University of Southampton, the Observatoir de Paris.Université Paris VI-VII-XI, The Museo de la Ciencia y del Cosmos deTenerife, Gran Telescopio Canarias S.A., Grupo Mecánica Vuelo, S.A., Ingeniería y Servicios Aerospaciales, S.A.


Once the Master's in Astrophysics has been obtained, the title of doctor requires the undertaking of a research project that usually lasts for four years. In order to do a Doctoral Thesis at the IAC/DA it is necessary to obtain a grant or doctoral contract, together with admission on the part of the centre.

The IAC/DA offers its doctoral students bibliographical, computing and observing facilities, and access to its own and international research projects, as well as the necessary funding for the effective undertaking of research activity.

Academic Comission for the Master´s and Doctorate degrees in Astrophysics of the Universidad de La Laguna ( the “CAMyD”)


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