IAC NEWS, 1-2001. "Galactic cannibalism"

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IAC NEWS, 1-2001. "Galactic cannibalism". Summary: Contents: Articles: The mergers of galaxies. Scientific meeting on galaxy mergers. The model of spherical collapse and its generalizations. The polarization of light in Astrophysics. Virtual acoustic space (phase II) see the mind. Whole Earth telescope and the IAC80. Astronomical news: Galactic cannibalism. Black hole. Devoured planet. Delivery of the OGS. Space debris. The law of Heaven. Interviews to: Linda Sparke, Eckart Marsch. Congresses: Orbiter Solar Encounter. Monitoring of gravitational lenses. The central kiloparsec of starburst and AGN: the Palma connection. Through the prism: Gravitational lenses... in a labyrinth of mirrors. Astroculture: On pyramids and stars. The reality of fiction: Gravity in space. GTC supplement.