The Agreement for the use of the IACTEC building has been signed

Facade of the IACTEC building. Credit: Inés Bonet (IAC).
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The Cabildo Insular of Tenerife, the Tenerife Science and Technology Park (INtech Tenerife), the University of La Laguna (ULL) and the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC) today, Monday 8th June signed, at the Headquarters of the Cabildo, the five year agreement for the use of the IACTec building by the IAC.

The IACTEC initiative, in collaboration with the Cabildo Insular of Tenerife and INTech Tenerife, on land ceded by the University of La Laguna, is aimed at developing in the Canaries an innovative environment for the transfer of high technology between the public sector and companies, taking advantage of the scientific and technological capital of the IAC.

The aim of the agreement just signed is the promotion and collaboration between the parties in the development of projects in R+D+I in the field of astrophysics, space science and related tecnologies, by supporting excellence in research and promoting the active transfer to the private sector. A basic aim is to start up intensive business activity based on knowledge, and open innovation with the impulse of national and international networks.

The installation, with an area of 3,700 m2 and whose building was finalized last year in the precinct of the La Laguna Science and Technology Park (“Hogar Gomero”) will start its activities with technology transfer in the field of microsatellites, biomedical applications of light, and the future large scientific installations of the Canary Island Observatories, such as the European Solar Telescope (EST), the New Robotic Telescope (NRT) and the Cherenkov telescopes of the CTA and ASTRID networks. In addition, it will permit cooperation between the public and private sectors in technology and business, as well as contributing to the industrial development and the commercialization of products with high added value in the Canaries.

La Rectora de la ULL, Rosa Aguilar; el presidente del Cabildo de Tenerife, Pedro Martín; el vicepresidente Enrique Arriaga; y el director del IAC, Rafael Rebolo; durante la firma del convenio. Crédito: Ramón de la Rocha (EFE).
The Rector of the ULL, Rosa Aguilar; the president of the Cabildo de Tenerife, Pedro Martín; the vicepresident Enrique Arriaga; and the director of the IAC, Rafael Rebolo; during the signing of the agreement. Credit: Ramón de la Rocha (EFE).

The President of the Cabildo of Tenerife, Pedro Martín; the first Vicepresident of the Cabildo and the President of the Tenerife Science and Technology Park, Enrique Arriaga; the Rector of the University of La Laguna, Rosa Aguilar; and the Director of the IAC, Rafael Rebolo, participated in the ceremony.

The President of the Cabildo picked out the importance of the meeting to talk about research and new projects, taking into account the present social and economic circumstances determined by the health crisis due to the coronavirus, because “they remind us that the world has not stopped, and that this island moves and advances”.

The Rector also valued the ceremony of this signing: “If we have learned anything from this health, social and economic crisis it is that we need knowledge. Only with knowledge can we emerge from this crisis”.

“IACTEC has entailed an investment of 6.5 million euros” said Arriaga, “and will have the best technologies for research in the fields of space and astrophysics”.

“In IACTEC -stressed Rebolo- projects of very advanced technology will be developed which will drive forward the creation of new technological knowledge, and will give added value to the capacity of the IAC to apply its technologies and the resolution of problems which are also important for their social and economic impact”.