Call for IAC-Nordic NOT proposals for semester 2018B

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We announce the call for IAC-Nordic proposals for semester 2018B. Deadline: 28 May 2018, at 17:00 h Canarian time (18:00 h CEST)

Call for IAC-Nordic NOT proposals for semester 2018B

Following the Agreement between IAC and NOTSA for the continued operation of the Nordic Optical Telescope (NOT), 5% of the observing time at NOT is offered for joint IAC-Nordic research programs: this is known as the IAC-Nordic Observing Time. This observing time is aimed at reinforcing the collaboration and synergies between the IAC and the Nordic communities through joint programs. The IAC-Nordic program consists of 7/8 nights per semester, and is offered twice per year through special calls for proposals. Different types of programs can be presented – full or half nights, long term observations – but those proposals looking for strong scientific impact by means of collaboration and synergies between both communities during long periods will be especially considered. Observations will be in visitor mode. Owing to the special nature of the observing time, the conditions for its use differ from those of normal TAC/CAT time. The main features of IAC-Nordic Time are:

  • Any IAC and Nordic research group may apply for this kind of observing time provided that they carry out a joint research and at least one member from each community appears as co-investigator on the proposal. If there are more than four people on the proposal there must be at least two from each community.
  • Proposals must be presented before the deadline announced in the corresponding call for proposals.
  • Proposals shall be made in a format similar to that of normal CAT proposals. 


Observing time
Night CAT
Night time CAT

The night “Comisión de Asignación de Tiempos” (CAT) evaluates the observing proposals that guarantee to the Spanish community access to the majority of the night telescopes at the “Observatorios de