The Jesús Serra foundation and the Astrophysics Institute of the Canaries present the scientists in the programme "Visiting Researchers"

Presentation of the programme "Visiting Researchers" by the Jesús Serra foundation and the Astrophysics Institute of the Canaries, in Madrid. Credits: Fundación Jesús Serra.
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The programme "Visiting Researchers" of the Jesús Serra foundation has, since its inception, procured the participation of researchers in different fields with international prestige, and in each annual edition has funded visits lasting several months of scientists who are working on projects in various Spanish scientific institutions. For the 2014 edition one of these institutions is the Astrophysics Institute of the Canaries (IAC), which will be hosting the astrophysicists Bruce Elmegree (IBM Watson Research Center, USA), Debra Elmegreen (Vassar College, USA), Guillermo Tenorio Tagle (Instituto Naciona de Astrofísica Optica y Electrónica, INAOE, México) and Tsevi Mazeh (University of Tel Aviv, Israel). During their stay at the IAC each of them will be developing a project in collaboration with scientists of this Institute. The projects are in the fields of galaxy formation, starbursts, and exoplanets.

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