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"Supermoon", Solar Towers of the Teide Observatory (OT) and amateur astronomers. Photograph taken at about 3 km from the OT, with a telescope of equivalent focal length 800mm and a Canon 6D camera. Credit: Daniel López (IAC)
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The land around the Teide Observatory, and the Teide  National Park , in Tenerife were full, last night, of people anxiously awaiting the rise of the "Supermoon", ( the full moon coinciding with the lunar perigee, the point on its orbit nearest to the Earth). They were not disappointed. The Moon showed its most brilliant aspect, with a diameter 14% bigger, and its disc 30 % brighter than when full moon coincides with the Lunar apogee (the orbital point farthest from Earth). The Tenerife sky did the rest.

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Time-lapses of the SuperMoon rise on August, 10th, 2014:

  • Time-lapse "SuperMoon and solar towers at Teide Observatory". Credits: Daniel López / IAC.
  • Time-lapse "Teide Shadow & SuperMoon" Credits: Starryearth / Teleférico del Teide.
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