SOPHI (Solar Orbiter)


    SOPHI was selected by ESA as one of the remote sensing instruments aboard the spacecraft Solar Orbiter. Its main task will be the measurement of the photospheric vector magnetic fields and velocity flows. It will provide the magnetic context for all the other instruments on board and also to the related NASA mission, Solar Probe Plus. SOPHI is the most resource-demanding instrument in Solar Orbiter. The instrument benefits from a very strong heritage from the IMaX/SUNRISE instrument built by the same Spanish consortium and flown successfully in a balloon in 2009. The Spanish consortium that participates in the design, development, and manufacturing of SOPHI includes the instrument Co-Principal Investigator, Valentín Martínez Pillet from IAC, which guarantees a high visibility for the Spanish contribution. The level of participation in the instrument is slightly above 40% (the rest is covered by the German consortium), including responsibilities at system level. Specifically, Spain is responsible of one of the two telescopes of the instrument, the Full Disk Telescope (FDT), as well as the complete Electronics Unit.

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