Astrophysical instrumentation

Microwave instrumentation

Since the 1980s the Instrumentation Division has been developing instrumentation and experiments in the microwave range with the main objective of characterizing the radiation of the Cosmic Microwave Background (FCM) and other processes of galactic and extra-galactic emission.

  • MFI2 and TMS cryostats during IAC acceptance test
    Scientific instrumentation of the CMB laboratory at Teide Observatory - INSIDE OOCC

    The QUIJOTE experiment is a reference project for Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) research at the IAC. It started operations in 2012. Currently and in the coming years, key investments are being made to improve and expand its technical capabilities, thus consolidating the scientific leadership of the CMB experiments located at Teide Observatory

    José Alberto
    Rubiño Martín
  • Instrumento QUIJOTE visto desde la parte inferior
    QUIJOTE- Q-U-I JOint TEnerife CMB experiment

    QUIJOTE (Q-U-I JOint TEnerife CMB experiment) - is a program with two telescopes and a battery of instruments, installed in the Teide Observatory, dedicated to the characterization of the polarization of the Cosmic Microwave Background, in the frequency range 10-42 GHz.

    Rebolo López
  • Polarímetro CMB instalado en Izaña
    Polarímetro CMB

    A Cosmic Microwave Background Polarimeter

    Rebolo López

    The COSMOSOMAS experiment was running for several years at the Observatorio del Teide, measuring fossil radiation of the universe arriving to the Earth in the form of microwaves.

    Rebolo López
  • VSA Extension en el observatorio de Izaña
    VSA Extension

    Very Small Array Extension

    Rebolo López