Adaptive optics parameters connection to wind speed at the Teide Observatory: corrigendum

García-Lorenzo, B.; Eff-Darwich, A.; Fuensalida, J. J.; Castro-Almazán, J.
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Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Volume 414, Issue 2, pp. 801-809.

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García-Lorenzo et al. presented a complete study of atmospheric parameters relevant for adaptive optics in relation to wind speed at the Teide Observatory (Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain). The atmospheric parameters were derived by combining C2N profiles derived from generalized-SCIDAR observations and wind vertical profiles from radiosondes. Later, Avila & Cuevas pointed out that the generalized-SCIDAR data processing leads an overstimation of the actual turbulence strength, showing that the error introduced strongly depends on the observational setup of the generalized-SCIDAR observations. Avila & Cuevas provided the exact expression of the error that can be applied to correct the retrieved C2N profiles. Recently, García-Lorenzo & Fuensalida calculated the error induced during data processing for all the observational configurations of the generalized-SCIDAR observations obtained at the Teide Observatory, showing that these errors are significant for some setups. Following the procedure in Avila & Cuevas, García-Lorenzo & Fuensalida corrected the full data base of atmospheric turbulence profiles for Teide Observatory. Here we present the corrected atmospheric parameters and show the different relationships between atmospheric parameters and wind speed. We conclude that the results of García-Lorenzo et al. were not drastically affected by the errors introduced in the C2N profiles in the generalized-SCIDAR data processing, and that the conclusions there are the same after the correction of the profiles and recalculation of the atmospheric parameters.