ANDES, the high resolution spectrograph for the ELT: visible arm optical bench and opto-mechanics phase-A status and update to phase-B

Tenegi, F.; Chazelas, B.; González Hernández, J. I.; Rebolo, R.; Amate, M.
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Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE) Conference Series

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ANDES is a high-resolution spectrograph, extremely stable and fed with fibres, under the development for the ELT Telescope. This paper contains an overview of the Phase-A design status of the opto-mechanics and Optical Bench structure of the visible arm of ANDES, including a materials trade-off, several FEMs and lessons learned from the projects in which it has been inspired: HARPS and ESPRESSO. The baseline design of the phase B consists of three arms covering simultaneously the wavelength range 0,35-1,8 μm. Phase-B designs are going to be directly applied from solutions for Phase-A, since neither the layout nor the optical elements have changed dramatically.