A Constraint on brown dwarf formation via ejection: radial variation of the stellar and substellar mass function of the young open cluster IC 2391

Boudreault, S.; Bailer-Jones, C. A. L.
Bibliographical reference

COOL STARS, STELLAR SYSTEMS AND THE SUN: Proceedings of the 15th Cambridge Workshop on Cool Stars, Stellar Systems and the Sun. AIP Conference Proceedings, Volume 1094, pp. 904-907 (2009).

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Using the Wide Field Imager (WFI) at the ESO 2.2 m telescope at La Silla and the CPAPIR camera at the CTIO 1.5 m telescope at Cerro Tololo, we have performed an extensive, multiband photometric survey of the open cluster IC 2391 (D~146 pc, age~50 Myr, solar metallicity). Here we present the results from our photometric survey and from a spectroscopic follow-up of the central part of the survey.