High velocity clouds around nearby galaxies from THINGS

Buenrostro Leiter, Valeria; Beckman, John; Brinks, Elias
Bibliographical reference

THE EVOLUTION OF GALAXIES THROUGH THE NEUTRAL HYDROGEN WINDOW. AIP Conference Proceedings, Volume 1035, pp. 151-155 (2008).

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As a sub-set of activities within the THINGS (The HI Nearby Galaxy Survey) collaboration we have used the HI maps of the complete set of galaxies observed in the THINGS survey with the VLA to search for the presence of high velocity clouds. Detections were made in 9% of the cases, with a lower detection limit of just under 105 solar masses. Given the column density limit of the survey, and assuming that these clouds would have underlying structures comparable to those HVC's around the Milky Way which are known not to be galactic fountain objects (e.g. Complex C) we estimate that our detections would account for about 10% of the total HI masses that could be associated with the newly detected cloudlets. We draw some tentative conclusions about the rate of infall of HI onto the disks of the galaxies observed.