joshspeagle/dynesty: v1.2.2

Koposov, Sergey; Speagle, Josh; Barbary, Kyle; Ashton, Gregory; Buchner, Johannes; Scheffler, Carl; Cook, Ben; Talbot, Colm; Guillochon, James; Cubillos, Patricio; Asensio Ramos, Andrés; Johnson, Ben; Lang, Dustin; Ilya; Dartiailh, Matthieu; Nitz, Alex; McCluskey, Andrew; Archibald, Anne; Deil, Christoph; Foreman-Mackey, Dan; Goldstein, Danny; Tollerud, Erik; Leja, Joel; Kirk, Matthew; Pitkin, Matt; Sheehan, Patrick; Cargile, Phillip; Ruskin23; Angus, Ruth; Daylan, Tansu
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Bug fix release which addresses quite a serious bug which can lead to biased posteriors. The problem with biased posteriors was fixed when using multi-ellipsoid bounds and rslice and rwalk samplers. Previously the chains did not satisfy detailed balance. (issue #364). Original discovery of the problem and help by Colm Talbot. In the case of complex posteriors, somewhat slower performance may be seen. Fix the issue introduced in 1.2.1 when the prior_transform returns a tuple or or a list (rather than numpy array). Now that should be accepted.