Large Amplitude Oscillations in Solar Filaments Caused by Solar Jets

Joshi, Reetika; Luna, Manuel; Schmieder, Brigitte; Moreno-Insertis, Fernando; Chandra, Ramesh
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Large amplitude oscillations (LAO) are often detected in filaments. Their origin has been associated with shock waves or to interaction with eruptions and jets. In this study we present two examples of LAOs due to solar jets interaction with filaments on February 3-5 2015 and March 14 2015. The filament eruption on March 14 was followed by a two step filament eruption along with a CME and become the strong geomagnetic storm of Solar Cycle 24 on 17 March 2015. These LAOs are analysed by using time-distance diagnostics. The detected LAOs have periods of around 60 minutes and are damped after three oscillations. The observations are consistent with the results of a recent developed theoretical model of jet and filament interaction. The jets are associated with very weak flares which did not initiate any EUV wave. The role of waves as trigger of these oscillations can be discarded for these two events.