Radio mapping of type I post-main-sequence nebulae

Phillips, J. P.; Mampaso, A.
Bibliographical reference

IN: Mass outflows from stars and galactic nuclei; Proceedings of the Second Torino Workshop, Turin, Italy, May 4-8, 1987 (A88-54076 24-90). Dordrecht, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1988, p. 343-347.

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Type I post-main-sequence nebulae appear to be characterised by a range of unusual, and in certain cases extreme physical characteristics, including high velocity (and possibly high mass) outflows, and anomalous He, N, and C abundances; a feature which is almost certainly indicative of high mass nebular progenitors. The authors have acquired high resolution VLA mapping of five type I nebulae, with the aim of investigating the inner core structures of these sources.