The IAC has the infrastructures and the scientific and technical equipment necessary to carry out its technological support activities, both for the own projects of astrophysical instrumentation, as well as for external collaborations in R&D

  • General view of one of the rooms (A) of the optical laboratory. Elongated laboratory with metal tables with holes and various optical and mechanical elements on top of them
    Optics Laboratory

    The Optics Laboratory is specialized in the realization of all type of optical measurements, alignment and integration of instruments, prototype tests and characterization of components and optical systems in general.

    José Luís
    Rasilla Piñeiro
    López López
  • Panoramic view of the Fibre Optics Laboratory. On the left, machine to place the materials to be polished with control knobs on the upper part and workbenches with gas extractor hoods on the right
    Fibre Optics Laboratory

    The Fibre Optics Laboratory is used for the construction of optical fibre bundles for astronomical instrumentation.

  • View of the evaporator machine and its associated electronics in the laboratory. View of the evaporator and its associated electronics in the laboratory. Machine with a reinforced door and a porthole, and two large racks with electronic components, buttons and indicators for the control of the machine
    Optical Coating Laboratory

    The Optical Coating Laboratory is used for depositing thin films onto optical surfaces

    José Luís
    Rasilla Piñeiro
    López López
  • View of the interferometer on a optical table in the laboratory. Optoelectronic device with in front of a large prism and a lens with a computer monitor with graphics on the back

    Optical quality measurement interferometer

  • General view of the spectroradiometer in the laboratory

    Modular equipment for the measurement of the spectral response of components and optical systems.

  • View of the spectrophotometer in the laboratory. Medium sized device placed on a table with a trap door to place the samples to be measured and a computer and monitor for its control

    Device dedicated to the measurement of the transmission or reflection of materials as a function of wavelength