Build-up of galaxy clusters in formation through dust obscured star formation

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The overall goal of the research project BURST is to understand 1) the built-up of galaxy clusters in the universe and 2) the importance of dust obscured star formation in such systems. To accomplish these goals, we have and will assemble a vast data set spanning a wide range of frequencies from the optical/near-infrared to the radio including observations with JWST and ALMA. In addition, we (co)lead three large observing program at ESO, ATCA and IRAM NOEMA. Specifically, we intend with this proposal to:

 1) probe dust obscured star formation: We will measure the fraction of obscured star formation per cluster member and the whole cluster through proprietary-owned JWST and ALMA observations. This study will be carried out on the best-studied galaxy cluster in formation, the so-called Spiderweb protocluster at z=2.16, at the cosmic noon.

2) search for galaxy protoclusters and its cores traced via dusty starburst: We will search for galaxy overdensities around dusty starbursts with unambiguous spectroscopic redshift identifications between 1<z<6. We will do it in a systematic way for a large sample and several fields from the ESO Public Survey SHARKS and Euclid in order to obtain a statistically robust result. We verify if dusty starbursts do trace galaxy protoclusters and if cores of such systems are a common phenomena. The latter will be compared with simulations.

3) compare the interstellar medium in different environments: We will study the influence of environment on massive galaxy formation with a statistically significant number of cluster members and compared it with studies of isolated sources. Thus, we will expand the frontier of knowledge by exploring if the physical properties of these systems differ significantly from those in the field.

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