Cosmic microwave background from the OT: QUIJOTE and other experiments

In force date
Call year
José Alberto
Rubiño Martín
Amount granted to the IAC Consortium
471.632,55 €

The main goal of this project is to consolidate and to guarantee the scientific leadership of those CMB experiments operating from the Teide Observatory (OT), and in which the IAC’s cosmology group is involved.  On the one hand, the QUIJOTE experiment and the new generation of associated microwave instrumentation (MFI2 and the TMS spectrograph). On the other hand, three new experiments already installed (or to be installed in the coming months): GroundBird, LSPE-STRIP and KISS. All together, these experiments will consolidate the OT as a reference observatory for CMB studies in the coming years, covering a wide and unique range of frequencies (from 10 to 280GHz), and being the only CMB observatory of this type which is currently in operations from the northern hemisphere.
In more detail, this project will allow us to update and to complete those new instruments associated to QUIJOTE, providing a platform for operating the TMS (10-20GHz), and which could be also used in the future for testing other concepts of microwaves instrumentation.
Finally, it will provide to our engineering team the needed infrastructure to characterize and calibrate microwave instruments in the frequency range of 90, 150 and 220GHz.