Development of Big Data toos for the study of variable stars in galaxies with LSST data

In force date
Amount granted to the IAC Consortium
69.961,35 €

The objective of this proposal is the development of data analysis tools in preparation for the scientific exploitation of LSST, the largest mapping project of the southern sky that will begin observations in 2023.

Specifically, the fundamental objective is the analysis of time series for the search and characterization of variable stars in galaxies of the Local Group, as a means to study the evolution of galaxies. LSST is a great international collaboration and only members will have access to all the data. Our group is one of the two teams funded by the IAC with full access rights. Therefore, the work will be developed within the framework of LSST and in collaboration with the working groups of which our team is an integral part.

The tools that are going to be created will be of general use, thus maximizing the visibility of our team within the collaboration and the impact of the results. Among these we highlight the creation of reference catalogs of variable stars, the creation of light curve models, and the development of software to optimize the identification and classification of variable stars using Big Data techniques.