EMCCD camera with electronic shutter for uplink laser wavefront correction

In force date
Call year
Luis Fernando
Rodríguez Ramos
Amount granted to the IAC Consortium
127.500 €

This funding will allow the purchase of a camera with electronic shutter and electronic multiplication as well, which is not availbable at the moment at IAC, and which will ne added to the set of cameras devoted to research and development. Since 1995, the IAC has been involved in many proyects related with optical communications in space, which have some advantages with respect to the conventional radio-frequency ones. They also have to deal with the adverse effect of the atmospheric turbulence, as it happens with the astrophysical observations. As a matter of fact, the uplink beam suffers from the same inconvenients as it can de found in the generation of a laser generated guide star for adaptive optics. The team identified this common problem and proposed to share knowledge between these fields, both already existing among the IAC activities. Specifically, the uplink correction of the laser beam being launched, which has not been achieved yet.