Spanish contribution to the first five Medium Size Telescopes of CTA North (5MST-CTAN)

In force date
García López
Financial institution
Total budget of the action
9.900.000,00 €
Amount granted to the IAC Consortium
8.415.000,00 €

The final objective of the operation is the production of five MST-type telescopes for the CTA-North site, at the Observatory from the Roque de los Muchachos. The Spanish contribution managed by the IAC is structure in a single action that will be covered with ERDF funds, together with the corresponding co-financing.

This operation, together with the contributions provided by the partners international projects beyond the eligible ERDF budget, will complete the installation of the first five MSTs.

The institutions that will collaborate with Spain belong to Germany, France, Brazil, Italy and Poland, countries participating in the SLM project.

The operation consists of a single action, which is broken down into 4 sub-actions:

Sub-action 1: Local Project Office

Sub-action 2: Common Infrastructures of Technical and Logistic Support

Sub-action 3: Production of Telescopes

Sub-action 4: Installation of Telescopes

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García López