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You have the opportunity to be part of the IAC's scientific advancement by collaborating with this Program, showing your support and sharing its values, with the common goal of promoting scientific research and its dissemination, thereby fostering the cultural enrichment of the entire population and helping society in general to understand the importance of a knowledge-based economy.

How to become “Amigo del IAC”

To become "Amigo del IAC" you only have to decide which type of collaboration best suits your interests, fill out a form where you provide your personal and contact information and follow the instructions to specify the form of payment. As soon as the contribution is processed and validated, the IAC's team will inform you about your membership in the Programme.

If you are interested in sponsoring an event or any other type of collaboration you propose, we will contact you after receiving the completed form, where you can tell us the type of collaboration or sponsorship you wish to make.

Modalities of participation

The following are the various forms of collaboration of the "Amigos del IAC" Programme.

If you have any questions you can contact us here.


(Courtesies included in each one of them)

IAC Friend €0.00


Format: 9.99
IAC STAR Friend €50.00
  • IAC courtesy kit.
  • Information on IAC activities.
  • Invitation to events.
  • Guided visit to the Observatories of the Canary Islands*
Format: 9.99
IAC Galactic Friend €500.00
  • Those indicated in the IAC STAR FRIEND category.
  • VIP visit to the Observatories of the Canary Islands*, including observation with an educational telescope.
  • Special discounts at the Museum of Science and Cosmos of Tenerife.
Format: 9.99
IAC Cosmic Friend €3,000.00
  • Those indicated in the IAC GALACTIC FRIEND category.
  • Stay for two people in the Observatory* with guided visit and observation with an educational telescope.
  • Support for the development of the entity's activities.
  • Mention of the entity in the activities of diffusion of projects, congresses and other events in which it collaborates.
Format: 9.99
IAC Universal Friend €6,000.00
  • Those indicated in the IAC COSMIC FRIEND category.
  • Formal act of Recognition.
  • Development of activities and collaborations.
Format: 9.99
Other donations €0.00
  • You may also make donations to the IAC of any amount you wish, which will also be used to contribute to the objectives of this AMIGOS DEL IAC Programme.
  • When you make the donation you will be included in one of the existing modalities and we will give you the courtesies corresponding to that modality.
Format: 9.99
IAC Sponsor €0.00
  • Become an IAC Sponsor
Format: 9.99
Other contributions €0.00
  • Collaborate with the IAC in different ways: tell us your idea!
Format: 9.99