Observing time

How to observe in OOCC

Everything you need to know to prepare, execute, and exploit your observations at the OOCC.

1. Proposal preparation

  • Choose your instrument at "Telescopes" section
  • Choose how to submit at "Observing Time" section: regular night CAT, Service time, DDT (GTC), DDT, OT, solar CAT, International Time

2. Prepare your observing run using the tools at "Observing Tools" section

  • Check the exposure time calculator 
  • Check the observability 
  • Check the schedule of your telescope
  • Check the ephemerids (ORM, OT)
  • Print finding charts (ING)
  • Prepare your trip (ORM, OT)
  • Reserve your room (at the ORM or at the OT)
  • Reserve your meal (at the ORM or at the OT)
  • Reserve your car (at the ORM or at the OT) [IAC personnel only, please login]

3. Observing

4. After your observing run

  • End-of-run report (GTC, WHT, TNG, NOT, INT, IAC80, TCS) at "Observing Tools" section