The IACTECagreement of collaboration between the IAC and EMXYS for the development of technological, scientific and human resources in the island has been signed.

Signature of the collaboration agreement
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On November 14th 2019 at the Headquarters of the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC) in La Laguna an agreeement for cooperation between the IAC and the EMXYS company was signed.This is the first agreement for collaboration between the IAC and a private company in the field of training and technology transfer "IACTEC-ESPACIO".

The IACTEC initative, in collaboration with the Excellentísimo Cabildo Insular of Tenerife, and INTech Tenerife has the aim of developing within the Canaries an innovative "ecosystem" for transferring high technology between the public sector and companies.taking advantage of the scientific and technological capital of the IAC.

IACTEC facilitates an accessible environment of human, scientific, and technological resource, an ideal zone where institutions aiming at I+D may collaborate to develop new associations and innovative projects. IACTEC has been created as a a key strategic environment for the development of talent and with a dynamic and innovative productive system, in Canaries and Spain.

The Director of the IAC Rafael Rebolo, explained that astrophysics and its associated technologies working within the IAC can provide added value to the various agents which are emerging in this field, giving value to the I+D results and knowledge of the Institute. The objective of the IAC in this activity is to train teams of professionals able to meet the challenges of space projects of interest to astrophysics and Earth observation.

EMXYS, represented at the signing by Francisco J. García de Quirós, is a limited company specializing in the development and manufacture of electronic systems for data acquisition, instrumentation and control in areospatial, scientific and industrial applications. It is developing a strategic line of business based on the commercialization of platforms in small satellites, as weññ as components, subsystems and electronic modules which form a part of these. The IAC and EMXYS are interested in sharing knowledge and complementary activities in the ambit of the research and technological development associated with advanced scientific instrumentation.

Observation of the Earth from space is a field which is very active since the appearance of the "New Space" mentality. As a complement to the design of large high cost satellites with extremely reliable components, observational payloads oriented towards the Earth are being designed within the ALISIO project, whose Principal Investigator is Dr. Alex Oscoz. The objective will be the launching of the first canary island nanosatellite for Earth observation.

The Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC) through its public-private collaboration project IACTEC is interested in setting up collaborative agreemnts with private and public agents in the European and Spanish System of Science, Technology, and Innovation, specifically with industrial organizations with which to develop knowledge, relations, and complementary activities in the field of technological research and development, associated with advanced scientific instrumentation with interest for astrophysics and related disciplines, such as space.
Momento de la firma para el convenio de colaboración

These agreements are open to national and foreign companies and guarantee the fulfillment of the general principles of administrative activity under the Law 40/2015, refinforcing the principles of promoting competition; they do not presume any advantage to the company which signs them in current or future contracting procedures in which the IAC has the power of judgement, and do not offer exclusiveness. In the agreements with private organizations the IAC reinforces the transparency in Law 19/2013, giving total publication to the framework agreements as well as to any specific agreements for developemnt.

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Oscoz Abad
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I Jornadas de Emprendimiento en Astrofísica y Espacio 2018

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2, 5 y 9 de Marzo (Aula del IAC) 16 y 23 de Marzo (Intech Dársena Pesquera)
Framework agreement IAC and ESTEYCO (IACTec)

El presente convenio tiene por objeto posibilitar la colaboración y la puesta en común de forma coordinada entre el IAC y la EMPRESA, de los medios personales, materiales y económicos de que dispongan

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