New Open Days at the Teide Observatory

Entrance to the Teide Observatory (OT)
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After a break of 4 years, on June 23rd and 24th the Teide Observatory will be celebrating its Open Days. This activity is free; its aim is to bring some knowledge of astronomy to the general public, including those people who happen to be visiting the island on those two days. To make a visit it is essential to register using a special form before June 16th.

In this year’s edition the activity will be guided, and 9 points of interest will be visited, one every 20 minutes, so that the complete visit should take 3 hours, from 10:00 to 13:00 for the morning session, and from 16:00 to 19:00 for the afternoon session. Moving around within the Observatory will be on foot mostly along paths, and the explanations will be given in Spanish.

During the visit the ítems shown will be the Quijote Experiment (radiotelescopes looking at microwaves in the universe), the Carlos Sánchez Infrared Telescope, the OGS and IAC80 optical telescopes, and the Solar Laboratory (the Pyramid). Also the visitors will be able to look at the Sun with their own eyes, through special telescopes which alllow you to see the solar photosphere and chromosphere.

Visitors will also be able to learn how infrared radiation is observed, using a specific camera, and will be able to carry out several experiments which will help them to understand how we study the interiors of stars. A scale model of the Solar System will give visitors a unique perspective on the dimensions and distances in the universe and a session in a planetarium will explain about light pollution. All this and much more is included in the walk around.

Logistic information

In line with the IAC’s commitment to the environment, and with the aim of reducing the impact on the environment of the Observatory, this year places on the visits are limited, so it is essential to register. Before registering, (this will be open until Thursday June 15th), those interested should read the general conditions of the visit.

Priority will be given to those requests by people who travel to the Observatory in vehicles bringing the maximum number of passangers. Access to Observatory Parking will be permitted from 09:00 for the morning sessions and from 15:00 for the afternoon sessions. We recommend visitors to arrive some half an hour before the start of the visit.

As it is a high mountain site we recommend visitors to use comfortable shoes, and to use solar protection and a hat, as well as taking a coat or jacket. Those who suffer any type of heart ailment or breathing problema should take a note of the reduced oxygen concentration at the altitude of the Observatory (2.390 m) and we request that they consult their doctor before making a visit.

General rules, and the form for the Open Days
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