The 4-m New Robotic Telescope (NRT): status of the optomechanical systems

Oria, A.; NRT Collaboration
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Contributions to the XIV.0 Scientific Meeting (virtual) of the Spanish Astronomical Society

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The New Robotic Telescope (NRT) is currently under conceptual phase design, will be sited on the Observatory of Roque de los Muchachos (ORM) in La Palma (Canary Islands), and will be the largest fully robotic telescope in the world when it enters into operation in a five years time. A collecting area four times larger than the current Liverpool Telescope and an extremely quick response will allow the detection and characterization of fast fade transients, playing a key role in many areas of time domain astrophysics (gravitational waves, gamma ray bursts, supernovae, etc). The robotic operation of NRT will be ideal also for regular follow up programmes. This contribution is focused on the conceptual studies currently under development of the two main optical systems of the telescope: the M1 assembly and the M2 subsystem. The baseline design of both systems are briefly presented.
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The NRT (New Robotic Telescope) is a project to design and build a 4-meter telescope within five years, which from the ORM will operate in a totally autonomous and robotic way. This form of operation will make it the largest robotic telescope in the world.
Carlos Manuel
Gutiérrez de La Cruz