Detection of New Planetary Nebulae by IPHAS, the Hα Survey of the North Galactic Plane

Corradi, R. L. M.; Mampaso, A.; Viironen, K.; Kovacevic, A.; Zijlstra, A.; Greimel, R.; Irwin, J.; Drew, J. E.; Wright, N.; Morris, R.; Phillipps, S.; Irwin, M.; Barlow, M.; Frew, D. J.; Groot, P.; Hopewell, E. C.; Leisy, P.; Parker, Q. A.; Sokoloski, J. L.; Walton, N.; Zurita, A.
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PLANETARY NEBULAE AS ASTRONOMICAL TOOLS: International Conference on Planetary Nebulae as Astronomical Tools. AIP Conference Proceedings, Volume 804, pp. 7-10 (2005).

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IPHAS is an ongoing Hα imaging survey of the North Galactic plane. When completed, it is expected to discover several hundred new Galactic planetary nebulae, in addition to a huge number of Hα emitters. We present here the project, the methods used to search for compact and extended ionized nebulae, and some preliminary results about the ~100 new candidate planetary nebulae identified so far.