Euclid preparation. XV. Forecasting cosmological constraints for the Euclid and CMB joint analysis

Euclid Collaboration; Ilić, S.; Aghanim, N.; Baccigalupi, C.; Bermejo-Climent, J. R.; Fabbian, G.; Legrand, L.; Paoletti, D.; Ballardini, M.; Archidiacono, M.; Douspis, M.; Finelli, F.; Ganga, K.; Hernández-Monteagudo, C.; Lattanzi, M.; Marinucci, D.; Migliaccio, M.; Carbone, C.; Casas, S.; Martinelli, M.; Tutusaus, I.; Natoli, P.; Ntelis, P.; Pagano, L.; Wenzl, L.; Gruppuso, A.; Kitching, T.; Langer, M.; Mauri, N.; Patrizii, L.; Renzi, A.; Sirri, G.; Stanco, L.; Tenti, M.; Vielzeuf, P.; Lacasa, F.; Polenta, G.; Yankelevich, V.; Blanchard, A.; Sakr, Z.; Pourtsidou, A.; Camera, S.; Cardone, V. F.; Kilbinger, M.; Kunz, M.; Markovic, K.; Pettorino, V.; Sánchez, A. G.; Sapone, D.; Amara, A.; Auricchio, N.; Bender, R.; Bodendorf, C.; Bonino, D.; Branchini, E.; Brescia, M.; Brinchmann, J.; Capobianco, V.; Carretero, J.; Castander, F. J.; Castellano, M.; Cavuoti, S.; Cimatti, A.; Cledassou, R.; Congedo, G.; Conselice, C. J.; Conversi, L.; Copin, Y.; Corcione, L.; Costille, A.; Cropper, M.; Da Silva, A.; Degaudenzi, H.; Dubath, F.; Duncan, C. A. J.; Dupac, X.; Dusini, S.; Ealet, A.; Farrens, S.; Fosalba, P.; Frailis, M.; Franceschi, E.; Franzetti, P.; Fumana, M.; Garilli, B.; Gillard, W.; Gillis, B.; Giocoli, C.; Grazian, A.; Grupp, F.; Guzzo, L.; Haugan, S. V. H.; Hoekstra, H.; Holmes, W.; Hormuth, F.; Hudelot, P.; Jahnke, K.; Kermiche, S.; Kiessling, A.; Kohley, R. et al.
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Astronomy and Astrophysics

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The combination and cross-correlation of the upcoming Euclid data with cosmic microwave background (CMB) measurements is a source of great expectation since it will provide the largest lever arm of epochs, ranging from recombination to structure formation across the entire past light cone. In this work, we present forecasts for the joint analysis of Euclid and CMB data on the cosmological parameters of the standard cosmological model and some of its extensions. This work expands and complements the recently published forecasts based on Euclid-specific probes, namely galaxy clustering, weak lensing, and their cross-correlation. With some assumptions on the specifications of current and future CMB experiments, the predicted constraints are obtained from both a standard Fisher formalism and a posterior-fitting approach based on actual CMB data. Compared to a Euclid-only analysis, the addition of CMB data leads to a substantial impact on constraints for all cosmological parameters of the standard Λ-cold-dark-matter model, with improvements reaching up to a factor of ten. For the parameters of extended models, which include a redshift-dependent dark energy equation of state, non-zero curvature, and a phenomenological modification of gravity, improvements can be of the order of two to three, reaching higher than ten in some cases. The results highlight the crucial importance for cosmological constraints of the combination and cross-correlation of Euclid probes with CMB data.
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