First deep images catalogue of extended IPHAS PNe

Sabin, L.; Guerrero, M. A.; Ramos-Larios, G.; Boumis, P.; Zijlstra, A. A.; Awang Iskandar, D. N. F.; Barlow, M. J.; Toalá, J. A.; Parker, Q. A.; Corradi, R. M. L. et al.
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Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society

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We present the first instalment of a deep imaging catalogue containing 58 True, Likely, and Possible extended PNe detected with the Isaac Newton Telescope Photometric H α Survey (IPHAS). The three narrow-band filters in the emission lines of H α, [N II] λ6584 Å, and [O III] λ5007 Å used for this purpose allowed us to improve our description of the morphology and dimensions of the nebulae. In some cases even the nature of the source has been reassessed. We were then able to unveil new macro- and micro-structures, which will without a doubt contribute to a more accurate analysis of these PNe. It has been also possible to perform a primary classification of the targets based on their ionization level. A Deep Learning classification tool has also been tested. We expect that all the PNe from the IPHAS catalogue of new extended planetary nebulae will ultimately be part of this deep H α, [N II], and [O III] imaging catalogue.