The real time MCAO solar prototype for the EST

Montoya, Luzma M.; Velasco, Sergio; Sánchez Capuchino, Jorge; Collados, Manuel; Rodríguez Ramos, Luis Fernando; De Cos Juez, Francisco J.; Asensio Ramos, Andrés.
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Proceedings of the SPIE, Volume 10703, id. 1070348 6 pp. (2018).

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The European Solar Telescope (EST) will be equipped with a MCAO system to provide an excellent correction within one arcminute field of view (FOV). A prototype of this system will be built with the same requirements except for the frame rate. This prototype will allow to test and verify new concepts for Solar MCAO, as, e.g., the integration of neuronal networks in the reconstruction process. This prototype will work as follows: a high-resolution image of the sun will be created and perturbed by a turbulence simulator with different phase screens placed at different heights. MCAO correction will be performed by one pupil DM and four altitude DMs. Two wide field wavefront sensors will be used to perform the tomography. The calibration and control strategies are still to be defined in the lab for the future implementation on the EST MCAO system. A scientific camera will evaluate the performance on a 60" field. The prototype is currently under construction and it is expected to be finished by 2019.
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