Uranian ring orbits from earth-based and Voyager occultation observations

French, R. G.; Elliot, J. L.; French, L. M.; Kangas, J. A.; Meech, K. J.; Ressler, M. E.; Buie, M. W.; Frogel, J. A.; Holberg, J. B.; Fuensalida, J. J.; Joy, M.
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Icarus (ISSN 0019-1035), vol. 73, Feb. 1988, p. 349-378.

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The authors have combined an enhanced Earth-based occultation data set and Voyager occultation observations to determine a new solution for the ring orbital elements and the direction of the planetary pole. They describe the new ground-based observations and the Voyager data used for this analysis. They discuss the new orbit solution and a search for resonances associated with the γ and δ rings, which are not well matched by simple elliptical orbits. Then the authors discuss the new solution and investigate the suspected association of resonances between satellites 1986U7 and 1986U8 and some of the rings.