Design and development of computer control systems and applications


As part of the technological development, we have extensive experience and capacity in the development of customized computer applications for the precise management of scientific instrumentation. Mainly, the applications are intended to manage the acquisition of data from sensors and detectors, to control mechanisms and to implement the required interfaces with other systems, ensuring the necessary communications and the use of common services. All this, presenting the user with a comfortable interface from which to access all the functionality of the system. The environments where the control systems are integrated also have an important impact on the technologies used, since each telescope usually has its own services and interfaces. Normally we work in distributed environments, and during the development we use the programming languages C/C ++, Java, Python and LabView, with Windows or Linux operating systems.

Related Technical facility
General view of the electronic design laboratory with several workbenches, electronic racks and cabinets for components and electronic parts
Electronic Design Laboratory
The laboratory has the necessary infrastructures for the development, integration and verification of electronic systems
Óscar Manuel
Tubio Araujo
Luis Fernando
Rodríguez Ramos
Panoramic view of one the areas of the Assembly, Integration and Verification room. Large laboratory with work benches and multiple electronic devices and computers, with a large mechanical structure in assembly phase
Large Instruments Assembly, Integration and Verification Room (AIV)
The purpose of the AIV Room is the assembly, integration and verification of instrumentation for large telescopes.
Reyes García-Talavera