The IAC develops a large part of the avant-garde instruments required by its astrophysics research activities. In this way, it has acquired over time a prominent level in the most relevant technologies and knowledge areas in the development of scientific instrumentation. These technical capacities, in an interdisciplinary environment, are coordinated and optimized thanks to project management practices

  • Image of an engineer working on the final assembly of the grisms wheel of the EMIR instrument in the laboratory. Large black metal wheel with holes for optical components
    Design, development and manufacture of opto-mechanical systems and precision mechanics

    The mechanical engineering team of the IAC has experience and knowledge to undertake the design, manufacture and assembly of high precision structures, mechanisms and opto-mechanical systems

  • View of an engineer assembling a grism in the laboratory. Engineer placing a piece of glass in a metal cylinder
    Design, development and verification of optical systems

    The IAC Technology Division has the capacity for developing complete optical elements and systems from the design stages to manufacturing follow-up, integration and final verification.

  • Setup in the laboratory for the characterization of optical fibers. View of a setup with several optical components and optical fibers on a laboratory table
    Design, manufacture and verification of optical fibres

    Within its capability to develop optical instrumentation, the IAC has a deep knowledge and experience in the design, manufacture and verification of optical fibres and their applications.

  • Part of equipment used for the characterization of astronomical detectors. Metallic cylinder on a table coupled to a small chiller and to a vacuum pump
    Detector characterization

    The detectors, despite their widespread and simple use in many everyday applications, require a very precise knowledge for use in advanced scientific instrumentation.

  • Dissemination of scientific and technological capabilities
    Dissemination of scientific and technological capabilities, and socio-economic impact of the IAC

    One of IAC’s primary objectives is to improve its own scientific and technological capabilities. The promotion of these capacities, both nationally and internationally, facilitates the dissemination of the knowledge generated in the center, through its scientific and training activities.

  • Implementation of large telescopic infrastructures. 3D model of the European Solar Telescope and its building
    Implementation of large telescopic infrastructures

    Within the framework of IACTec as an integrating element of large telescope projects with the national and European science industry, the IAC designs and constructs in collaboration with international consortia the most ambitious telescopes of the moment: CTA, EST and NRT.