Severo Ochoa Programme

Supported projects

  • LISA Test Benchs (Visible and Infrarred)
    ADFEMOS - FRIDA-EMIR and OSIRIS Detectors Upgrade
    Joven Álvarez
    • Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC ZCU111 Evaluation Kit
      Development of acquisition systems based on FPGAs. Applications to QUIJOTE MFI2, TMS, and MKIDs. Participation study in the Litebird satellite
      José Alberto
      Rubiño Martín
      Luis Fernando
      Rodríguez Ramos
      Roger John
      • Diseño 3D de GRANCAIN
        First science with adaptive optics at GTC with GRANCAIN, the provisional IR camera for the GTCAO system.
        Víctor Javier
        Sánchez Bejar