"The history of astronomy is a history of receding horizons"

- Edwin Hubble –

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  • IAUS
    Santa Cruz de La Palma will once again host the mayor international meeting for the protection of the skies 
  • Closing of the Research Infrastructures Conference
    The IAC hosts the presentation of the "Tenerife Declaration" to improve the distribution of research infrastructures in Europe
  • The attendees at the Research Infrastructures Conference visiting the OT
    Tenerife welcomes Research Infrastructures Week
  • Galaxia de Maisie
    The James Webb observes the first galaxies in the universe and discovers and “impostor”
  • INT and 2023 DZ2
    2023 DZ2 asteroid will not collide with Earth, study finds
  • Toi-1853 b
    The densest “Neptune” ever observed


  • 27 Sep 23
    29 Sep 23
    Research Infrastructures Week: ICTS WorkShop
    Auditorio de Tenerife e IACTEC Santa Cruz de
  • 28 Sep 23
    29 Sep 23
    85th ESFRI Forum Meeting
    Auditorio de Tenerife Adán Martín. Avda de la
  • 28 Sep 23
    29 Sep 23
    Conference: Bringing the Industry closer to the universe of the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias
    Edificio IACTEC Parque Tecnológico y Científico de


  • One Postdoctoral Contract Solar Atmosphere Modeling 2023 (PS-2023-060)

    The IAC (Tenerife) announces ONE postdoctoral contract to work on the project linked to the line of research “Solar and Stellar Magnetism: multi-fluid modeling and diagnostics in preparation for EST”

  • Un Contrato-Administrador/a Observatorio del Teide- Código Proceso Selectivo PS-2023-059

    Se convoca proceso selectivo para confeccionar una Relación de Candidatos para sustituir a una persona trabajadora con derecho a reserva del puesto de trabajo (art.15.3 del Real Decreto Legislativo 2